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Pleased to meet you, Panotec! 

For almost 40 years we have been passionately dedicated to the design and production of cutting-edge custom packaging solutions, supporting logistics departments and e-commerce companies worldwide. Our history is a journey of innovation and commitment, with deep roots in the heart of Italy.


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We are a benchmark in the customised packaging sector thanks to our almost four decades in the business. Our history is characterised by an unwavering commitment to excellence and technology.


Integrated Solutions

Panotec offers a complete range of “Made in Italy” solutions, including state-of-the-art machinery, innovative software and specialised accessories to meet all market needs.



Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond products. We work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and offer customised, quality solutions.



Our Academy is where knowledge meets innovation. We offer courses and training to ensure that our customers are always up-to-date on the latest technologies and methodologies in the field of customised packaging.



Thanks to our extensive network of branches and dealers, Panotec is able to serve the global market in a timely and efficient manner.

The Group

Certified quality and
after-sales support worldwide

Cimadolmo - IT

Formigine - IT

Bordeaux - FR

Facts &

Celebrating our successes along the way

Our numbers testify to our unwavering commitment and dedication to the customised packaging industry.


38 years of experience

Thanks to our long and established history, we are at the forefront of packaging innovation, offering state-of-the-art solutions aligned with the latest industry trends.



We are a global benchmark in customised packaging, with a strong presence around the world. Our leadership extends internationally through innovative, customised solutions.



We are constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of our international customers. Our customers’ trust is our best testimony, and we work tirelessly to offer them customised solutions that exceed their expectations.


machines installed

Our presence is not just limited to packaging machines but extends to plants and integrative technologies. With thousands of machines installed globally, PANOTEC is committed to providing complete, state-of-the-art solutions for customised packaging.

Work with us

If you are ready to take the next step in your career and want to be part of the PANOTEC team, explore our open positions!

We are always looking for passionate, creative and determined professionals who want to grow with us.

Explore our open positions to find opportunities that match your skills and ambitions. Whether you are an industry expert or a young talent just starting out in your career, we look forward to admiring your qualities and your desire to make a difference!

Send your application today and take part in a work adventure full of challenge and excellence.


La nostra presenza non si limita solo alle macchine per l’imballaggio, ma si estende a impianti e tecnologie integrative.

We work tirelessly to understand our customers' specific needs and collaborate with them to create unique, innovative strategies that lead to tangible results.

Our Story

An all-Italian entrepreneurial story

The PANOTEC story began in 1986 with the creation of the first machine for the production of customised boxes.

The company was born from the dream of its founder Giuseppe Capoia: to bring made-to-measure packaging technology to the entire world in order to radically transform company visions and encourage a modus operandi oriented towards production flexibility and waste reduction.

PANOTEC has become an internationally recognised reality, securing its place as a reference in the packaging industry.

  1. Foundation of Panotec and creation of the first customised packaging machine 

  2. Implementation of the first integrated system for customised packaging

  3. Foundation of Panotec and creation of the first customised packaging machine

  4. PANOTEC new company structure

  5. Opening of new headquarters in Cimadolmo, which will become Panotec’s definitive headquarters

  6. Obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001

  7. PANOTEC rebranding and introduction of the tagline: “Meccaniche Italiane”

  8. Opening of a branch in France: PANOTEC FRANCE SAS is born, a fundamental hub for projects in France

    Official launch of the Opera automatic e-commerce line

  9. Two packaging divisions are created: PANOTEC Automation for Magnys for systems and Panotec Meccaniche Italiane for packaging machines

    Obtained ISO45001

  10. Merger of Magnys and Panotec into a single entity: PANOTEC srl

Mission and values

PANOTEC works to build strong and lasting relationships with partners, whether dealers or customers.

PANOTEC’S mission is driven by the primary objective of supporting our customers in optimising their logistics departments through state-of-the-art solutions.

We believe that the key to operational excellence lies in efficiency, sustainability and customisation. Our revolutionary machines make it possible for companies to create customised packaging, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact.

We are committed to offering solutions that not only improve productivity but also contribute to a more optimised shipping space while promoting sustainable business practices.

La nostra presenza non si limita solo alle macchine per l’imballaggio, ma si estende a impianti e tecnologie integrative.

We are Panotec - where collaboration and innovation meet to create a more efficient, sustainable logistics future.

We believe in active collaboration in developing customised solutions that exceed expectations.

technology and quality

In 1986 PANOTEC filed the first patent for a machine for the production of customised boxes, establishing itself as a pioneer in on-demand packaging.

This achievement has led us to research ever more innovative and sustainable solutions every day, over time consolidating our know-how of excellence recognised on the international scene.

Today, Panotec designs and manufactures automatic lines and packaging machines that impact the efficiency of our customers’ production processes and extends the list of our patents even further.


Patents filed

Our certifications

Our dedication to excellence is validated by prestigious ISO certificates that are confirmed and renewed every year.

These recognitions testify to our commitment to high quality standards throughout all production phases.



A path to the future

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