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Our Commitment

Everyday ethics and passion

At PANOTEC, we believe that sustainability is essential to our corporate mission.

We are firmly committed to integrating ethical practices into all aspects of our operations. Sustainability is not just a goal, but a philosophy that permeates the way we do business.



Our governance is based on ethical principles and transparency.

We make responsible decisions that drive our mission of sustainability, ensuring an ethical footprint at the heart of our operations.



Quality is our unwavering commitment.

Every step of our production process is guided by strict quality standards, ensuring products that not only meet expectations but also comply with the highest standards of sustainability.

We are ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO 14001 certified



We invest in the welfare of our employees, because their success is our success.

We offer personal and professional development programs, health services and other benefits that reflect our commitment to creating a healthy, fair and rewarding working environment.

In 2023 we organised 1360 hours of training related to skills development and upgrading



Our social responsibility is the foundation of our corporate identity.

We collaborate with local communities, support social projects and promote an inclusive environment, because we believe that business success must go hand in hand with the well-being of people.

We support Frecce Tricolore, ASD Velo Club, Meduna, Pallavolo Susegana, Gas Rock


The Environment

Our dedication to the environment guides our daily decisions.

We reduce our environmental impact through sustainable practices, from the choice of raw materials to the adoption of environmentally-friendly technologies, thus contributing to the protection of our planet.

We have  6000 m2 of photovoltaic panels that cover 45% of our needs 



Safety is our priority.

We continuously invest in safety measures to protect our employees and ensure a safe working environment, because we believe that a safe environment is essential for long-term sustainability.

Nel 2023 we guaranteed 480 hours of training related to the protection of our employees