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Panotec Academy is a dedicated training project aimed at passing on technical skills and perfecting the skills of our customers in the use of our state-of-the-art machinery.

Courses and training for
specialised technicians

Organise a training course together with the Academy team for your specialised technicians.

We are here to train, inspire and guide you to success. Step into the future of packaging with Panotec Academy - your trusted partner in high-level technical training.

do we offer?


Customised Training

Our courses are custom-designed to fit the specific needs of our customers in order to maximise their operational efficiency.


Industry Experts

Our trainers are qualified professionals in the customised packaging industry. Their commitment is to impart information, provide valuable tips and tricks to optimise the performance of our solutions.


Technical Insights

From basic to advanced operations, on maintenance, troubleshooting and software updates.



Panotec Academy is not only a place to learn but also to connect with other dealers and customers. Exchange ideas, share experiences, best practices and build lasting relationships between industry professionals.


Why participate in Panotec Academy courses?

Here are four important reasons to participate in our Panotec Academy courses:

  • Tailor-made courses: Our offer is varied and customised to meet the different needs of customers and dealers, ranging from basic operation training to more advanced and different types of training (for examples courses on maintenance, troubleshooting and software updates, etc.).
  • Quality assurance and superior service: Investing in the training of our dealers allows us to offer excellence in service to our customers, exceeding their expectations.
  • Industry leadership: We consolidate our reputation for reliability and build lasting customer relationships through continuous in-house and dealer training, distinguishing us as an industry leader.
  • Reduced downtime: With comprehensive and in-depth customer training, the amount of downtime is reduced, improving the overall efficiency of the production process.

Are there specific requirements to participate in Academy courses?

If you are a dealer or one of our customers and you feel that your packaging machine technicians need specific training, please contact us at +39 0422432715 and share your needs with us.

What can I learn from attending Academy courses?

Our program offers a comprehensive, structured and focused approach to training technicians in Panotec technologies. We customise our courses to suit the various skills of the participants, offering a diverse range from basic to advanced levels. Our courses cover a variety of skills, including maintenance, troubleshooting and software updates.