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The technological evolution of customised printing

DI-POD is a modular system that allows the outside surface of the packaging to be printed in high definition with images, logos, lettering, symbols, barcodes, etc.

Integration with a Panotec box production machine allows boxes to be produced and printed in extreme dimensional variability without interrupting the production process.

It is equipped with an innovative automatic self-cleaning system, limiting the need for daily maintenance operations by operators. Thanks to a motorised box feeding and extraction unit, there is no limit to the printability of the outer surface of the box.

Choose the DI-POD printing accessory to reinforce your Brand perception and corporate image and make your product unboxing unique!

Choose the DI-POD printing accessory to reinforce your Brand perception and corporate image and make your product unboxing unique!

Work phases


Types of printing possible

This system allows printing of the following on the outer surface of the box:

  • barcodes
  • numbers
  • images
  • symbols
  • shipping labels

Advance printing options

  • possibility of printing labels and managing different data fields (sender, address, tracking number, etc.)
  • The images can be positioned at the desired location via drag & drop, so that they can be previewed and variable fields can be edited.

Automatic print head cleaning

The system features an innovative self-cleaning mechanism designed to keep the print heads constantly clean of dust and ink residue. This ensures optimal functioning of the heads and extends their durability. The automatic cleaning system performs 200 cleaning cycles per printing unit (with a roll length of 40 m), with an approximate duration of 5 seconds per cycle.

Motorised box feeding and extraction unit

Provided with a dual motorised box feeding and extraction system, which facilitates the box output from the machine. This feature allows boxes shorter than 600 mm (minimum 420 mm) to be printed and the back of the box to be printed as well.

Industry Applications

The di-pod custom printing system is ideal for companies in any industry wishing to enrich their customers’ shopping experience through customised printing directly on the packaging surface.


  • Automatic print head cleaning


  • Image length

    max 3000 mm

  • Printable box surface

    no limit for the printing on the outside of the box

  • Compatible packaging machines

    Evo; Nextpro

  • Number of axes

    1 or 2

  • Number of units that can be equipped for printing

    "up to 2 for each transversal axis
    (max 4 total on one station)"

  • Print head width

    140 / 280 mm

  • Print resolution

    180 Dpi

  • Type of ink

    oil based, quick dry

  • Colours

    "standard: black
    optional: other colours"

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