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The Scanpack accessory is a station for manually measuring products using a wireless barcode reader.

The operator uses the wireless barcode reader to take the measurement, scanning the barcodes on the three surfaces of the station (base, front and side) showing the length, width and height dimensions of the products.

Once the three dimensions have been scanned, the system sends the dimensions via an Ethernet network to the packaging machine for immediate box production. It can also be used to create an archive containing the dimensions of all customer items.

Choose the Scanpack measuring accessory to optimise your company’s logistics!

Choose the Scanpack measuring accessory to optimise your company’s logistics!

Work phases


Precise measurements:

The system offers accurate measurement of product dimensions with an accuracy of 0/+10mm.

Integration with production:

Scanpack easily integrates with Panotec production systems, optimising overall production time and efficiency.

Production flexibility:

Scanpack provides efficient multi-item order handling, adapting easily to a wide range of products and custom orders.

Industry Applications

E-commerce & Logistics:

The perfect solution for companies handling a wide range of products by effectively solving the complexity of keeping track of the size of items to be packed.

Digital printing:

In the digital printing industry, where customisation and product variety are the norm, the Scanpack system eliminates the need to maintain a warehouse crowded with various sizes boxes for different products to be packed.


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