Panotec Introduces the OPERETTA Packaging Line to the E-Commerce and Logistics Sectors

Panotec presents its latest cutting-edge technology: OPERETTA, a packaging line designed to transform the packaging practices of the e-commerce and logistics sectors.

Since 1986, Panotec, a pioneer in the custom-made packaging industry, has revolutionized how international companies tackle logistical challenges with the introduction of the first machine for producing customized and just-in-time cardboard boxes. Today, Panotec presents its latest cutting-edge technology: OPERETTA, a packaging line designed to transform the packaging practices of the e-commerce and logistics sectors.

Designed for High-Volume Shipments

OPERETTA is specifically designed to meet the needs of companies handling high volumes of shipments daily. This high-speed system produces customized boxes that are opened, erected, and labeled, then automatically conveyed to the next station where the items to be packed arrive. The primary advantage is clear: the time spent managing and supplying boxes is minimized, allowing operators to focus on the order fulfillment process.

Ideal for E-Commerce

With a production capacity exceeding 780 boxes per hour, OPERETTA stands out in the e-commerce sector, where rapid order completion is crucial. This solution excels in packaging multi-product orders with precision akin to Tetris. Credit goes to QBOX, the integrated software developed by Panotec, which optimizes volume calculations for multi-item orders. During the initial phase, QBOX calculates the optimal box volume based on a list of items and their dimensions. In the subsequent filling phase, it provides a preview of item arrangement in the box, facilitating easier insertion for the operator.

Furthermore, its adaptability and compact design allow for seamless integration into existing workflows without compromising uptime or production space. The custom-made boxes produced by OPERETTA help eliminate material waste and reduce the use of fillers such as polystyrene chips or plastic air cushions. This not only cuts costs and improves environmental sustainability but also optimizes space during transport, enhancing overall logistics efficiency.

Sustainable and Protective Packaging

In the realm of online commerce, there is a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, making eco-friendly packaging and the reduction of non-recyclable fillers key competitive elements. A survey conducted by Mondi and RetailX involved 1,000 consumers across five European countries. According to the report, 88% of participants place great importance on the quality and protection of packaging, with a significant percentage (60-70%) appreciating the use of environmentally friendly materials. The Operetta box, with its reinforced and custom-made structure, directly addresses these emerging needs, ensuring a significant reduction in returns due to damage. Additionally, adopting custom-made boxes enhances the “unboxing” experience, engaging customers more during the overall shopping journey.


To offer industry professionals the opportunity to see OPERETTA in action, Panotec has organized the exclusive event “Operetta Unveiled” at its headquarters in Cimadolmo, Italy, from June 24 to July 12, 2024. During this event, attendees will witness live demonstrations customized with their products and discover firsthand the efficiency and accuracy of this new on-demand packaging production technology.

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